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Terminal Island Renewable Energy Project (TIRE)

TIRE Project Site

TIRE Project Site

The City of Los Angeles, GeoEnvironments Technologies and Geomechanics Technologies (former: Terralog Technologies USA, Inc.), utilize an innovative technology to inject biosolids below the City’s Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant (TIWRP) into the deep geological subsurface.

The Terminal Island Renewable Energy Project (TIRE), the first of its kind in the nation, has been in operation since summer 2008. This five-year demonstration project, emplaces biosolids deep underground in depleted subsurface oil and gas formations where high temperatures biodegrade the organic compounds and generate methane gas that can ultimately be used to produce an environmentally safe renewable energy, while the CO2 is sequestered.

Biosolids are injected through a well drilled to a depth of approximately 5300 feet beneath TIWRP.

So far TIRE has successfully injected more than 100 million gallons of bio-slurry material, which includes, brine, treated effluent, digested sludge and biosolids. The operations are continuously monitored daily through a second well, and data is reported to the U. S. EPA and a Technical Advisory Committee. The City has met all regulatory requirements and has submitted eight quarterly reports to the U. S. EPA detailing operations and providing monitoring and measurement results. Currently all 50 tons of biosolids produced at TIWRP each day are being managed at the TIRE facility.

Many environmental benefits have been documented since the start-up of TIRE:

  • Reduction in air emissions and greenhouse gases due to decrease in truck traffic.
  • Reduction in number of vehicles transporting material outside of the Los Angeles Basin.
  • Decrease in the amount of brine and effluent discharged into Los Angeles Harbor.
  • Protection of groundwater and improved air quality due to meeting all permit and regulatory requirements.
  • No odor or noise associated with the operations.

To ensure that the interested parties and public are engaged and informed about the TIRE project, the City provides presentations and tours and maintains a TIRE web page. In 2009, for example, the City provided 19 presentations, including tours to approximately 1000 guests.

The TIRE project received a National League of Cities award for outstanding programs that improve the quality of life in American communities (TIRE – NLC award release.pdf ) The project was also selected as a top 50 finalist for the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Institute Award for Innovations in American Government.